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Cole Travis

in General | Jun, 9th 2021

With E3 right around the corner, the gaming world will not be in short supply of news this year. All the big companies are coming to lay their stake in E3¨s return, giving conferences, releases, and updates on their titles. Summer Games Fest with Geoff Keighley will also take place, doubling the news as companies will be coming to Summer Games Fest. Capcom is no exception, as they¨ve already made their fans aware of what to expect for the upcoming E3 2021 presentations.

Capcom has many upcoming titles in their series, and more will be coming for players to enjoy throughout the year. Here¨s what Capcom has up its sleeves for E3 2021.

A prequel series to Capcom¨s fan-favorite crime drama Ace Attorney was made in 2015, following the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, teaming up with Kazuma Asogi, his friend. A lot of these characters play the roles of the cast from the previous titles.

The game takes place in the Meiji Period of Japan and the Victorian Era of Britain, as the characters are visiting to learn English and finish law school. While in England, players will be able to accompany master detective Herlock Sholmes. While it¨s indeed supposed to be the original Sherlock Holmes, his name was changed from the Japanese release due to copyright complications from the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Many of the mechanics from the original Ace Attorney games have come back, but there¨s a big change to the way trials take place in these titles. The Great Ace Attorney features a jury. Players will have to get the jury on their side and be influenced by how they conduct the trial. However, closing arguments can be made during the trial, which can influence the jury yet again. The games also include sections with Herlock Sholmes, where the player can deduce contradictions in his theories and examine the witness from different angles. With the game coming out on July 27, it¨s no surprise that Capcom will show it off during their E3 presentation.

Capcom also has a segment dedicated to Resident Evil Village, the eighth installment in the series. While the game has been out for a few weeks, there¨s still some Resident Evil information that could be announced during this section in the broadcast.?

Resident Evil is getting a port of four on the Oculus Quest 2, which could prove to be part of the announcements, as very little information is known about the title and the fact that there¨s no release date for Resident Evil Re:Verse. This multiplayer arena Resident Evil title came bundled with copies of Resident Evil Village.?

While Resident Evil Village itself is mentioned in the schedule for its broadcast, many players wonder what¨s going to be brought up about the game since it¨s already out. The truth may lie within the post content that was revealed for Resident Evil 7, as the game included two extra pieces of content for the title. Two-story expansions took place during Resident Evil 7¨s life cycle. One of which was a story where the player took control of Chris Redfield and finished off one of the last members of the Baker family.

The second story focuses on Jack¨s brother Joe, who went back to the Baker mansion to save Zoe from her demise and eventually came across Chris in the game¨s ending. Resident Evil 8 has been following the same type of marketing for Resident Evil 7, launching a side story as a demo for the title. Resident Evil 7¨s demo is called The Beginning Hour, while Resident Evil Village¨s is called Maiden. If Resident Evil Village is following the trends of its predecessor, fans should expect to see an?announcement for an expansion in the game, as many of the game¨s questions still have to be answered.?

Monster Hunter will also get some love during the E3 conference. As?Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is coming to the Switch in July. The game still has fans guessing their plans for the spin-off series to one of their biggest titles.?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 follows the protagonist as he travels out of the confines of his island while raising a baby Rathalos, seemingly the last of his kind. The decisions made by the player will dictate the fate of the world as the player meets colorful characters and travels throughout the world of Monster Hunter.?

While not like the mainline titles, players who want to experience a new story will find this choice a good change from the original titles. Monster Hunter Rise being in the conference could mean that some expansions are coming to the title. It¨s the next title in the series, despite being on Nintendo Switch only. Fans looking for a reason to pick up the title or get back into it should be on the lookout for Capcom¨s conference to see what new news the game might be bringing players.

Capcom has got a decent lineup of expectations for E3 2021. However, there¨s more than likely going to be a surprise or two coming from the studio, as the possibility of a new?Megaman project wasn¨t alluded to during Battle Network¨s 30th?anniversary. While some surprises could appear at the conference, Capcom seemingly has its hands full on content for their broadcast. With all of this information, plus the other E3 showcases, fans will have a buffet of news coming.?