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  Biomutant is filled to the brim with rotation puzzles, and this guide will teach players exactly how to go about solving them.

  By William Parks

  Published May 25, 2021


  biomutant how to solve rotation puzzles

  As players explore the world of?Biomutant, they will come across a number of rotation puzzles. While these puzzles take various forms,?they are all solved in a very similar fashion. Detailing how players can arrive at the correct solutions is the precise purpose of this guide, and it should make it quite easy to complete every rotation puzzle in?Biomutant.

  To get right to it, every rotation puzzle in this new open-world RPG is comprised of some number of objects that can be moved, each of which is marked with white or orange marks, or a combination of both. Additionally, there?are unmovable white?and orange marks on each puzzle, and the intention is for players to adjust the movable objects (using the inputs that appear at the bottom of the screen) so that matching colors are adjacent to one another. While this may initially sound a bit confusing, an example should make everything very clear:

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  biomutant how to solve rotation puzzles

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  In the puzzle shown in this video, there are three unmovable marks: white and orange ones at the top-left corner and a single orange one at the bottom. To solve it,?Biomutant?players simply need to rotate the top-right dial so that its white mark points left, the middle dial so that its orange mark points up, and the bottom dial so that its orange mark points down. These actions will put white marks next to white marks and orange marks next to orange marks, and the puzzle will be completed with the dials in those positions.

  One other thing to mention about rotation puzzles is that they must be completed in a designated number of moves, which is connected to the Intellect attribute in?Biomutant. Indeed, increasing a character’s Intellect will allow them to make additional moves,?making the puzzles even easier to solve. That said, it does seem that fans that put?some?effort toward the puzzles will be able to complete a majority of them, if not all of them, in 10 moves or less.


  As previously noted, players will come across quite a lot of these types of puzzles as they work their way through?Biomutant’s main quest?as well as its optional content. This means that fans will undoubtedly be true experts in solving them by the time that they finally reach the end of the game, and hopefully this guide has helped them make their very first steps in that direction.

  Biomutant?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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