[bravely default ii release date]Video: Here’s Bravely Default II’s ‘Final Trailer’, As Promised In The Nintendo Direct

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  1mazzelFri 19th Feb 2021

  Really nice! I wonder why they choose to use the FFXII-mobile graphic style for the characters instead of Octopath style… But that’s the only let down about it. It still looks like an awesome game!



  2KimyonaakumaFri 19th Feb 2021

  @mazzel The series has always used this style, and it’s made by a different team.

  But I think both look pretty good, and at least Square is bringing plenty of RPGs to the Switch



  3mazzelFri 19th Feb 2021

  @Kimyonaakuma ok, that makes sense . Just not my cup of tea for characters design, but I love the environment style!



  4christ15Fri 19th Feb 2021

  wohooo cant wait to play this finally



  5ChowdaireFri 19th Feb 2021

  Very excited. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who hated the new character visuals when I first saw them, but I absolutely love this series and I’ve since gotten over my initial disdain for the character models. Between this, persona 5 strikers and ghosts and goblins I’ll have plenty to play until monster hunter arrives next month.



  6pixelpatchFri 19th Feb 2021

  @mazzel Its based on the designs of the first game, which emulate the FF4 3d remake designs



  7NintendoByNatureFri 19th Feb 2021

  It’ll be a day 1 if Walmart has it when I walk in



  8DesreverFri 19th Feb 2021

  Don’t forget the 4 Heroes of Light game for DS, which was a fun enough Final Fantasy game, but played like a streamlined JRPGjr. So much of Bravely Default’s DNA came from that one.

  I loved the first BD, but I’ve had Bravely Second sitting on my shelf untouched since I bought it. Don’t know if getting around to playing it will actually add anything to the story of BD2



  9RushDawgFri 19th Feb 2021

  Is there a modern game out there with a larger discrepancy in quality between the official character artwork and the in-game character models?

  The artwork is gorgeous but the character models are ugly and weird. The juxtaposition between the two is really off putting.

  On the plus side, the gameplay looks pretty good and I suppose that’s all that matters.



  10Classic603Fri 19th Feb 2021


  I honestly loved 4 Heroes of Light, even more so than Bravely. I loved the characters, classes and story



  11MrGawainFri 19th Feb 2021

  I know I’m going to like this, it’s my sort of game.

  That saying there has been way too many trailers and demo’s. I’ve been trying to avoid it all so I get one clean play through of it.



  12KnightsTemplarFri 19th Feb 2021

  I love this and octopath travler…. but what the hell is that triangle game… it looks terrible



  13ParakaFri 19th Feb 2021

  This only makes me want the original 3DS combo to be re-released.



  14the_beaverFri 19th Feb 2021

  Looks great. I hope the reviews will be as good as the game looks. I′m always ready to inmerse myself into a deep JRPG!



  15-Juice-Sat 20th Feb 2021

  The Bravely Default series is more Final Fantasy than every Final Fantasy after FFX. It’s a shame that Final Fantasy will never deliver the amazing JRPG turn-based goodness it used to, but it is wonderful to see Bravely Default continue to grow as a series! It would be funny, though unlikely, if it began to overshadow Final Fantasy in success. Then maybe we could start getting some classic styled Final Fantasy games and real time 3D ones could become a spin-off series like it probably should have been.



  16jcboyer515Sat 20th Feb 2021

  @KnightsTemplar The triangle game is fantastic. It does have a very stupid name though. But I’m an hour into the demo & it’s on par with Fire Emblem



  17KnightsTemplarSat 20th Feb 2021

  @jcboyer515 ive finished fire emblem 3 times… and no.. its nowhere near as good as fire emblem. It has potential.. but i loved octopath for its battles… and the demos battles were in my opinion.. kinda lame


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