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  After Summer Game Fest was done showing off everything it had to offer, the show was followed up by the Day Of The Devs 2021. Normally an in-person showcase held in San Francisco around GDC, this year they did a video showcase of about a dozen or so games that deserve your attention, most of them from indie companies. We have the rundown of everything shown off below, and you can check out the stream for yourself with the video below. If it doesn’t cue up for you, the show starts at 2:16:00.

  We Recap The Complete Day Of The Devs 2021 PresentationWe Recap The Complete Day Of The Devs 2021 PresentationCredit: Double Fine

  A Musical Story: A Musical Story is a rhythm game set against a 70s backdrop. Explore the memories of Gabriel, a young man trying to come to terms with his situation through the connections to his musical memory.

  Axiom Verge 2: The long-awaited sequel to Axiom Verge, Axiom Verge 2 expands on the universe with completely new characters, abilities, and gameplay.

  Behind the Frame: Guide brush strokes and solve a variety of puzzles to help an aspiring artist complete her masterpiece amid her brusque neighbor’s gaze and his pesky cat. As her painting starts to take shape, uncover an emotional tale of chance and artistry revealed behind unrelated yet familiar moments.

  Death’s Door: Reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might get monotonous but it’s honest work for a Crow. The job gets lively when your assigned soul is stolen and you must track down a desperate thief to a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far past their expiry and overflow with greed and power.

  Despelote: Set against the backdrop of Ecuador’s first qualifying run for the World Cup in 2002, Despelote is a semi-autobiographical game about my experiences as a child in Quito’s central park.

  Garden Story: Set off on an adventure as the newly-appointed Guardian of Spring Hamlet, a young grape named Concord, and defend the island from an entity known as Rot. Help the delightful denizens of Spring Hamlet, Autumn Town, Winter Glade, and Summer Bar each day. Roots blocking a path? Oozes preventing townsfolk from crossing the bridge? Does Granny Smith need more branches? Whatever the task, Concord’s the grape for the job!

  Last Stop: Last Stop is a single-player third-person adventure set in present-day London, where you play as three separate characters whose worlds collide in the midst of a supernatural crisis. An anthology drama, Last Stop is three stories in one. What connects these three strangers? Where will fate lead them?

  Loot River: Explore procedurally-generated labyrinths in a dungeon crawling action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat with spatial block-shifting – slide blocks of ancient ruins, fight bestial abominations, loot, explore, level-up, strategize, cast powerful spells, die, and wake up anew.

  Moonglow Bay: In Moonglow Bay, you play as a rookie angler, working together with friends, family, and neighbors to hone your fishing skills, nourish relationships, and restore a remote town’s fractured community.

  Phantom Abyss: Phantom Abyss is a massive asynchronous multiplayer game that casts players into procedurally generated temples and tasks them with retrieving the sacred relics hidden within deadly chambers.

  Road 96: Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom. An ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. Made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold. Announced as part of the OMEN Presents initiative from HP Inc. Moments of action, exploration, contemplative melancholy, human encounters, and wacky situations. Set against a backdrop of authoritarian rule and oppression. A stunning visual style, a soundtrack filled with 90s hits, and a thousand routes through the game combine so each player can create their own unique stories on Road 96.

  Soup Pot: Soup Pot is a cooking game with a focus on creativity. The game aims to capture the open nature of home cooking, allowing experimentation across 100 different dishes. Players will use beautifully stylized 3D renders of ingredients to create these dishes however they like, offering a fun yet challenging experience. Players will even be able to choose their own plating styles, to make sure the dishes look as pretty and delicious as possible. Soup Pot’s kitchen is a welcoming place, whether you’re a seasoned cook or don’t know which end of the whisk to hold. You’re free to experiment and try new things without having to worry about the pressure of failing.

  The Wandering Village: In a world where mysterious toxic spores are contaminating the planet, a group of people seeks shelter on the back of a giant, wandering creature. Become their leader, build their settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the creature to survive together in this hostile, yet beautiful world.

  TOEM: Set off on a delightful expedition and use your photographic eye to uncover the mysteries of the magical TOEM in this hand-drawn adventure game. Chat with quirky characters, solve their problems by snapping neat photos, and make your way through a relaxing landscape!

  Unbeatable: It’s a narratively hyperfocused dense exploration game where two-button rhythm combat powers more or less everything. One half is this: you explore the game world, meeting terrible people, and building a setlist for your upcoming concerts. Helping strangers, practicing with bandmates, sleeping in all day – it’s your funeral, you’ll only have so many days before each big event! The other half is this: arcade-flawless rhythm gameplay powered by an entirely original soundtrack. It’s simple but frenetic – sure, there are only two buttons, but there’s a lot of visual variety to the setpiece-styled battles.

  Vokabulantis: Vokabulantis is a puppet animation puzzle platformer about two kids. Karla and Kurt are friends, but now they have fallen in love and they literally can’t get a word out around each other. Thus they are forced to save the deteriorating and adventurous world of language — Vokabulantis. If they shall ever be able to express their love for one another that is.

  Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: SUMMER GAME FEST: Kickoff Live! Official Stream (Elden Ring, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut + More) (https://youtu.be/MqXeohrnoaY?t=8160)

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