[Ride PlayStation 4]Sony Warning PlayStation 4 may be affected by China-US tariff policy in US tariff policy

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  According to Wall Street Daily,Sony warned,If the Trump government continues to leverage more products from China,The PlayStation game host will become more expensive.

  Sony’s finance directors Gito Honghu said in an interview.In order to cope with tariffs that may continue,Sony indicates that the company is considering including alternatives to transporting production costs to consumers.

  Sony made a joint statement to the US Trade Representative Office last month, Nintendo,Oppose the tariff of the proposal.According to the letter,Tariff will seriously disturb the company’s business,American consumers and video game manufacturers will eventually be hit.Three companies expect,There will be approximately 8.The cost of $ 400 million will pass directly to the consumer.The position of 200,000 US workers will face a threat.

  Previously, Wall Street Daily said thatAffected by the trade war,Nintendo is transferring some of the Switch production from China to Southeast Asia.It is said that its goal is to produce enough game consoles to meet the needs of the US market.Nothing and Microsoft have not taken any measures.Microsoft has recently refuted the company’s reports that will be withdrawn from China.

  Sony announced the financial report yesterday,PlayStation 4 sales have reached 100 million milestones,The speed of reaching this goal is faster than the Wii of Nintendo.However, with Sony prepared to launch next-generation host PS5 in 2020,The sales of 6 years of history of PS4 have begun to slow down.have to be aware of is,If the Trump government decides more tariffs to produce goods from China,The price of PS5 will be higher.