[MXGP 2020 Game Xbox One]Tianmei Studio and Xbox Game Studios reach a strategic partnership

Time:2021-06-26 15:33       Tag:

  Tencent Tianmei Studio announced on the official property today (May 13) and Xbox Game Studios officially reached a strategic cooperative relationship.And indicating that the specific cooperation content of both parties will be officially met with the majority of players this year.Stay tuned.


  Xbox Game Studios is Microsoft’s well-known game studio,Predecessor Microsoft Studios,The created game involves PC, host, and mobile device platforms.Develop and release a lot of well-known game series,For example, “Aura”, “My World”, “War Machine”, “Emperor Times”.

  The Tianmei work chart is a studio group under Tencent game.There are many people who are familiar with people,For example, “QQ Speed”, “Everyday Cool Run” and “King Glory” and so on.


  This time, after the relationship is reached,The American Studio will be multi-dimensional, deep communication with Xbox Game Studios,Create a better game work,Bring better gaming experiences for the majority of players.