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  The headphone unit can be divided into a dynamic ring.Strong iron, static electricity, tablet, etc.With different types of units,Mix the plurality of units, more and more headphones,For example, everyone is familiar with iron headphones,The electrostatic unit also begins to slowly add it.Today, it is a headset that is a mixed headset.BGVP ZERO,The price is about 500 yuan,Like the works before BGVP, the stack of materials + is selling price + high-quality ace combination,Let LZ who likes all kinds of music style do not hesitate to start.


  Let’s take a look at the box.Packaging is the white bottom package of BGPV standards,Hi-RES small gold label certification belled in the lower left corner.

  There are 3 colors of this headset.It is black, titanium, silver.LZ chose a shining golden color.


  Open the packaging,Full of accessories make people feel sincere,very professional,One pair of rows of ear kits neatly,I also used text to label.The configuration is like a headset of a thousand yuan.


  Headphones’s storage pack quality is good,The surface of the hard shell is made of Oxford cloth.It is suitable for housing so many accessories.


  Careful number,There is a total of 10 an ear jacket.Sponge set, low yelco, balanced sleeve, people should have,There are three sizes of L, M, S,Meet the needs of users of different ear caves.LZ has tried each kind,The sound style of different ear creatures is indeed very characterized.




  The cavity of the headphones is all metal,The outer casing uses CNC precision machining.Workmanship is unbelievable,Silk seam.The metal shell has made mirror polishing treatment.Just like the mirror is as gloss,The light is shining under light.

  From the size of the unit,Although it is a 1 lap + 1 static combination,But the size control is very suitable.The thickness is well controlled,The plug is very fit in the ear,Wearing comfort is very good.

  The shape of the sound cavity is a sound cavity developed by BGVP.Through the polygon structure,The anti-resonance effect is better before and after.



  In the earphone cavity,It is a 7mm electrostatic unit + 10 mm carbon nanotube dynamic circle composed.The electrostatic unit mainly processes high frequency.Bright,Extend wide,The sound is delicate,The dynamic unit is responsible for processing low frequency.Such a combination has played the advantages of two units.



  There is no LR to be identified on the headphone chamber.Instead, it is different from the blue and red at the interface.

  The MMCX interface used by the headset interface,The use of the interchangeable design,Let the user can replace different upgrade wires according to their own hearing preferences and demand.



  The wire with random is already a very good 6n OCC silver-plated line.Wire is soft.Into the magic sticker with BVPG identification,Reduce the entanglement.


  Plugging headphones is still very convenient,Pinch the MMCX interface straight down,When I heard the slap,It means that the insertion is successful.


  Let’s talk about it, you can wear it.Although the headset is metal,But the comfort is excellent with comfort.The fitness of the earphone is relatively high.LZ’s auricle is relatively small,But the comfort is still relatively high.It is still comfortable for a long time.




  Let me talk about the biggest selling point of the headphones.Electrostatic unit.The biggest feature of the electrostatic unit is a clear high-frequency and fast response.However, the price of electrostatic headphones has always been high on,In addition to selling,Due to technical features,It is difficult for ordinary front ends,BGVP Zero is used by low pressure electrostatic units.Plus a dynamic ring,19 Euro resistance should be pushful,Moreover, there is still a certain growth in the sound of the motor.

  LZ took it up with the ipasso dc03 small tail.When I heard the first ear, I can’t help but have a feeling of “stunning”.Especially the interpretation of the female voice,The taste of static electricity is addictive,High frequency is too distinctive,Extremely fast response speed and bright sound are impressive.The part of the dynamic circle,Let the middle bass are in place,Music is full.


  Final summary,At this price, you can taste the taste of static electricity.Three-frequency balanced and rich accessories make this headset more interesting.Everyone likes music and style vary,Suitable for yourself,It is best.

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