[Grand Theft Auto 5]XQC Banned For The 5th Time On GTA V Role Play Server: Will This Be A Permanent Ban?

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  Twitch streamer xQc was barred from the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto Online roleplay community for the third time last month. His suspension was thought to be permanent at the time, but it was not. He was recently suspended once more, and this time he indicated that the ban is permanent. Why was XQC banned on Twitch permanently? Continue reading ahead to find out.

  xQc has since discussed the ban on his Twitch stream, confirming that the news of his ban was permanent this time, but also admitting that the ban was deserved and should have occurred a long time ago.

  There are rules against Random Death Match on the server, which ensures that players cannot attack each other without a plot or roleplay leading up to it. A circumstance similar to this occurred shortly before the ban, when one of these server’s police officers, played by streamer PENTA, attempted a roadside stop of xQc and another player before being shot and killed in his car. So this led to the explanation for XQC’s fifth ban is most likely that he killed another streamer, Penta, at random.

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  Despite the fact that xQc’s acts were illegal, Penta admitted on his own stream that he had no intention of reporting them because doing so would have only resulted in threats from xQc’s fanbase.?XQC went on to say in his stream that PENTA’s arguments that he was too afraid to disclose this case are making the issue look much worse than it is and that he is manipulating the situation.

  GTA V Roleplay is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC. Players who join one of the user-created RP servers become even more absorbed in the game, taking on the appearance of a regular NPC that can be customised in a variety of ways.?Anyone with a PC copy of the game can play, but it’s not the same as the standard multiplayer mode found in Rockstar’s massively famous game. This is a multiplayer mode that requires updated game clients such as FiveM and Grand Theft Multiplayer to access. You may then join a role-playing server.

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