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  Mario Party Superstars is bringing back classic minigames from the originals, but which ones are the best that Nintendo has confirmed will return?

  By Steven Richtmyer

  Published 2 days ago


  Mario Party Superstars Best Minigames Confirmed So Far

  Fans of the classic Mario Party?titles?were likely thrilled to hear?Mario Party Superstars is bringing back a plethora of content?from?Mario Party games of the past. Similar to Mario Party: The Top 100 before it, Mario Party Superstars is all about remastering fan-favorite?minigames (and boards) for use in a new package. Some of these?minigames have already been confirmed, but which of those are the best?

  The original Mario Party on N64 created a formula?adopted by most of its successors:?Four players take turns rolling dice to move around in a digital board game, with minigames taking place between each round. To win, players must earn coins and use them to purchase more stars than everyone else. Games like Mario Party 9 and 10 changed this formula, but the Switch’s?Super Mario Party took things back to the series’ traditional gameplay.

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  Mario Party Superstars Best Minigames Confirmed So Far

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  Super Mario Party?is a solid game, but it’s limited by a small number of boards,?didn’t have quality online multiplayer until a recent update, and forced players to use a specific control scheme. Mario Party Superstars seems to be amending these issues by falling back on content that has worked in the past. Luckily, Nintendo seems to be pulling from many different?classic Mario Party?titles, which means there’s bound to be a wide variety of minigames to play – including some already confirmed, all-time classics.


  Mario Party Superstars Best Minigames Mushroom Mix Up Bowser Blast Eatsa Pizza

  Many of?the best minigames rely more on skill than pure luck, such as Mario Party 5’s?Pushy Penguins (pictured top left), which forces players to avoid a hoard of penguins running towards them, quickly turning into a chaotic scramble. Likewise, Booksquirm (top middle) tasks players with avoiding folding book pages by following light cast through differently shaped cutouts, making for a simple but fun minigame. What Goes Up (top right), from Mario Party 6’s quality catalog of minigames, is one of the best platforming challenges in the series, so it’s great to see it make a return. Mushroom Mix Up (pictured above left) is an absolute classic from the very first Mario Party game that earns its place in any compilation.


  Eatsa Pizza (above right) is another classic – a team-based game that requires just the right amount of strategy to be engaging yet easily understood. If there’s any luck-based minigame worth playing, it’s Bowser’s Big Blast (above middle). It’s one of the most stressful Mario Party minigames, bound to get a whole room shouting and raving in seconds. Still, there’s no accounting for taste. This is exactly why it’s so great that Mario Party Superstars will have so many minigames, however, as they?should add up to a balanced package any group of friends can enjoy.

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