[Catherine: Full Body]Catherine & Catherine Full Body Soundtrack Set now on Spotify

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  Yesterday we learned that multiple Persona series soundtracks would be on Spotify starting today. They weren’t the only Atlus releases coming to the service, though, as a much more niche game has joined in and bared all.

  Persona soundtracks didn’t came alone!

   Catherine & Catherine Full Body Soundtrack Set is also getting released on January 5th!

   Link : https://t.co/SkIarTqxuS pic.twitter.com/Fzy7rrIz6h

  — AniPlaylist (@AniPlaylist) January 5, 2021

  The Catherine & Catherine Full Body Soundtrack Set covers both versions of this puzzle game/relationship sim/nightmare. They’re welcome inclusions, combining classical and romantic compositions with more contemporary elements. Add in some jazzy piano fit for its barroom backdrop, and it’s the perfect pour of Atlus sound.

  You can find this and the previously mentioned Persona soundtracks all on Spotify now.?

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