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  An industrious Redditor is hard at work creating the entire set of BioShock Infinite’s Vigors, though these ones are unlikely to grant superpowers.

  By Max Fagandini

  Published 3 days ago


  BioShock Infinite Possession Vigor

  It’s hard to deny that the?BioShock games are an immensely stylish series. From the art deco stylings of the original game to the affected Americana of?BioShock Infinite, it’s easy for players to get lost in the aesthetics of the worlds of Rapture and Columbia. Many fans have taken it upon themselves to bring objects from the?BioShock universe to life, and the latest such example is particularly impressive.

  Struck by creative inspiration, Redditor apochere has managed to recreate five?of?BioShock Infinite’s Vigors, Columbia’s selection of superpower-bestowing beverages, in real life. Undertow, Shock Jockey, and Murder of Crows are showcased in their post, along with the newest additions: Bucking Bronco and Return to Sender.

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  BioShock Infinite Possession Vigor

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  The process has been an ingenious one, by the sounds of things. Utilizing the resin printing functionality of an Elegoo Saturn 3D printer, apochere has managed to get just the right sheen on the bottles. Some of the colors were the result of a lucky break with pre-dyed resins while others, such as the Return to Sender model, are a careful mix of different dyes. The shift to using a resin printer “makes all the difference in the world on these,” apochere wrote in the comments, adding that while the solid colors of their previous printer got a decent result, “the shift to the translucent resins has made them into something entirely different and special.”

  BioShock Infinite Vigor bottle models

  The ever-industrious apochere is on track to recreate the full set of the eight original Vigors pretty soon, missing only Charge, Devil’s Kiss, and Possession at this point. It’s not yet clear if they intend to expand the set to include the Plasmids and Vigors from the?Burial at Sea DLC, but they have suggested in comments that they’d be open to commissions in the future, so anxious fans will have to wait and see what they can get.

  With rumors of?BioShock 4 still swirling, it’s to be expected that many fans are?revisiting the earlier games in the series in preparation. Though there are plenty that would prefer to see a return to the style of the first two BioShock?games, it’s nevertheless a welcome sight to see the aesthetics of?Infinite?getting their due in the fan community.

  The advent of 3D printing has been a huge boon for the creatives and cosplayers in the gaming community. With prices for printers always coming down and new techniques being developed, fans have managed to recreate everything from?Call of Duty’s Thundergun to entire?Mario Kart stages. The beautiful results of apochere’s resin work here are sure to inspire plenty of others to dabble in the art of 3D printing, so anyone interested in bringing their favorite games to life to keep an eye on the community. There’s no telling what?might be created in the coming years.

  BioShock Infinite?is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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  Source: apochere/Reddit



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