[Office Love Affair]I take my hat off to the office sartorial mavericks

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  There’s a scene in the film My Salinger Year in which Joanna Rakoff (played by Margaret Qualley) stops in at her employers to deposit a letter into the coat pocket of the film’s eponymous author.

  To do the deed she wears the most extraordinary outfit. A thin, sage-green trench coat wrapped around a burnt-orange dress and rust-coloured tights. On anyone else this would look hideous — on me it would look like the Leerdammer cheese elf — but on Rakoff it is impossibly chic.

  Rust-coloured tights are the sartorial high point in a film full of extraordinary outfits. These outfits are limited exclusively to the workplace: a literary agency in New York. Out of work Rakoff is just another university dropout, tugging a suitcase down