[S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2]You Won’t Have to Wait Too Long for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 on PS5

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  1lolwhatnoMon 14th Jun 2021

  Gameplay trailer logic:

  0:50 (time frame)

  Apply scope to gun(Choose):

  A- Aim with the scope at the next ennemy you see

  B- Proceed to shoot point-blank and waste bullets

  That button smashing you hear, it’s them smashing B



  2UltimateOtaku91Mon 14th Jun 2021

  But I thought xbox don’t do timed exclusives…..

  Seriously though this looks really good and a good replacement for fallout for playstation players.



  3JustPlainLocoMon 14th Jun 2021

  I have next to no knowledge as to what the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games even entail, only ever hearing about S.T.A.L.K.E.R by name and not by description.



  4patronmacabreMon 14th Jun 2021

  Can we just have every third party exclusive not published by the platform holder come with the following disclaimer:

  This game is not being published by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/other platform holder and is a timed exclusive unless expressly stated otherwise.



  5nessisonettMon 14th Jun 2021

  At least it’s only three months, timed exclusives shouldn’t be a thing at all. Excited beyond all belief for this one though.



  6ShadowofSpartaMon 14th Jun 2021

  Looks great, keep scratching my grungy Metro itch



  7The_New_ButlerMon 14th Jun 2021

  Surely no one on here cares though? No one was interested yesterday!

  Anyway, I think it looks pretty good, like others I’ve heard of it but don’t really know anything about it. Can’t help but feel with the Russian flavour that it looks quite like the Metro series but happy to give it a go if it gets half decent reviews.



  8TooBarFooMon 14th Jun 2021

  Its the day one game pass that makes this a no go on PS for me. One game on PS costs almost the same as one years game pass at launch.



  9GatatogMon 14th Jun 2021

  Thank God. I loved the original games and for me this is the only Xbox “exclusive” I’ve felt at all disappointed about. So glad it could be coming sooner rather than later.



  10nhSnorkMon 14th Jun 2021

  ”…as opposed to your own PS5″

  gets dogpiled



  11ThePizzaMuleMon 14th Jun 2021

  Oh dear God please don’t suck. The trailer looked a bit too good to be true but I so hope to be wrong



  12nessisonettMon 14th Jun 2021

  @The_New_Butler The originals predate Metro by a couple of years and are sorta based on the Tarkovsky movie. They’re also Ukrainian so probably best not to get that mixed up with Russia given the political situation there



  13The_New_ButlerMon 14th Jun 2021

  @nessisonett Fair enough! The more you know!

  Talking about Russia just makes me want to spew profanity on the screen so I’ll move on.



  14BrasilkillaMon 14th Jun 2021

  That’s great news because this and plaque tales were the only 2 games on Microsoft show that I have any interest on, cant wait to play it



  15sopMon 14th Jun 2021


  One it’s rent, the other buy.



  16AgramonteMon 14th Jun 2021


  Seeing how MLB and Outriders are on the top 10 best sellers of 2021 in the USA… not everyone wants to play that way.

  AC: Valhalla sold millions of copies on consoles. That I can rent it for $15 (season pass included) with Ubisoft+ on PC did not matter.



  17CieloAzureMon 14th Jun 2021

  I use to play the stalker series in PC back in the day, so when I heard they were remaking the 2nd one I couldn’t help but be excited.



  18DeadlyblackMon 14th Jun 2021

  @UltimateOtaku91 I still remember when Rise of the Tomb Raider was a timed exclusive on the Xbone for like a year and a half. I wanted to play it but glad I waited cause getting the complete edition on PS4 was a good deal.



  19uptownsoulMon 14th Jun 2021

  I see timed exclusives are ok again…and on a seperate note: bases on newer info 30fps is also ok again



  20Dezzy70Mon 14th Jun 2021

  Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it for the sake of 3 months, paying whatever was paid or deal was done.

  For me it’s ok, gives me a chance to see reviews etc and maybe some patches to fix bugs etc.



  21TharsmanMon 14th Jun 2021

  Even if I had a PS5, and even if this game came on PS5 day one, it still is part of GamePass. Hard sell anywhere else.

  @patronmacabre for what it’s worth, Microsoft says “console launch exclusive” to indicate just that.



  22Dan_ozzzy189Mon 14th Jun 2021

  As a big metro fan I’m keen to see how this pans out.



  23velio84Mon 14th Jun 2021

  I guess I’m the only one that didn’t like the gameplay footage in the E3 reveal. I was looking forward for this game and was a fan of the original back in the day. I am not sure what exactly I didn’t like about the gameplay but something felt off.

  Graphically it looked amazing but the dialogue around the campfire and at the end was strange.

  Guess I’ll wait and see. I’ll have 3 months until it releases on PS so there will be plenty of reviews and gameplay footage by then.



  24rpg2000Mon 14th Jun 2021

  @Tharsman It is a hard sell?… if the game is good and people really want it, they will buy it in the platform of their choice, simple as that.

  This BS about “if it is in GamePass, not one is going to buy the game elsewhere because they will decide to rent it by subscribing to GamePass” is pure BS. I’m tired of hearing that same nonsense over and over, especially when that hasn’t being the case at all (time to wake up, the real World is calling).



  25BamilaMon 14th Jun 2021

  I have really good memories from my childhood with stalker games. However, it’s been so long now that I am sort of afraid to jump back to it, if it makes sense.



  26JuanalfMon 14th Jun 2021

  @uptownsoul “I see timed exclusives are ok again…”

  No! they are a giant waste of money when Sony does it and they are a giant waste of money when Microsoft does it, difference is MS wallet has the infinity gems



  27kingbrewwMon 14th Jun 2021

  Looks to be a fu king DOPE game. Either way tho, we have both current gen consoles here



  28MaccaMUFCMon 14th Jun 2021

  I kind of expected it to be a short timed exclusive, I wouldn’t be surprised if others are only 3 months timed exclusive but what’s even better for me is I get to play this at no extra cost on Game Pass. If I like it enough to own for future play throughs I’ll either buy it with the 20% off before it leaves Game Pass or wait for a deeper sale.



  29TharsmanMon 14th Jun 2021

  @rpg2000 given I said very clearly that the context is even if I (the person writing this) had a PS5 (because I can’t find one), it should had been clear I am saying it’s a hard sell for me.

  You should take your final sentence to heart.



  30Flaming_KaiserMon 14th Jun 2021

  @Juanalf Its always a waste of money.



  31ATacoTue 15th Jun 2021

  This is good. It’s coming out on Xbox first and then 3 months later, once it’s all patched up and runs properly, it’s coming out on PlayStation.



  32HeeHoTue 15th Jun 2021

  That’s if they don’t pull the same rubbish Sony did with FFVIIR and extend it last minute.

  Timed exclusives annoy me so much, they’re literally paying to keep it from one set of fans.



  334UDIOTAPETue 15th Jun 2021

  I went to this comment section to thank you for putting the ‘3 months timed exclusive’ part in the sub-text to the article, instead of click-baiting. It’s greatly appreciated.



  34Lenny0521Tue 15th Jun 2021

  I have a PlayStation 5,The machine is magnificent for gaming !!! All the titles from the ps 4 look amazing just can’t wait to see sum PS5 games for it



  35Sinured1002Thu 17th Jun 2021

  I will play it only on Gamepass if it gets no dual sense support. If it gets dual sense support I rather buy it. Let be honest, those kind of games are better to be own and replayable at any time without internet restrictions.



  36BleachedsmilesThu 17th Jun 2021

  @Dezzy70 3 months does seem a little pointless. Unless it ensured Sony didn’t buy the timed exclusivity as we keep hearing they’re trying with a lot of third party games (and succeeding with a lot). This 3 month exclusivity deal ensured it’s on gamepass day 1 too probably. Which is a far bigger selling point than 3 months exclusive…especially when you see the price of it on the PlayStation store.


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