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A recent financial report reveals that game creation platform Roblox makes a larger daily profit than both Pok└mon GO and Candy Crush Saga combined.

By Thomas McNulty

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Roblox makes more than Pokemon GO and Candy Crush

A recent report reveals that?Roblox?makes more money daily than both?Pok└mon GO?and?Candy Crush?combined. All three mobile titles have been hugely successful in the years following their releases, with the 2016 augmented title Pok└mon GO?releasing most recently.?Roblox?allows users to create their own games and play the games of others, while Candy Crush?is a match-three puzzle game where players swap pieces in order to eliminate them and ultimately clear?the board.

Although originally released on PC in 2006,?Roblox?was exposed to a whole new audience when it released as a mobile title in 2012. The game quickly rose to prominence, and this popularity was demonstrated when?the game hit the stock market in early 2021. Within its first day on the market?Roblox?stock rose by 54%, a huge feat considering the game’s age and relative obscurity in its first years after release. The game’s free-to-play nature also makes its monetary value quite surprising, as its stock market success made the game worth an estimated $45 billion as of March 2021.

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Roblox makes more than Pokemon GO and Candy Crush

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Financial news source?Finbold?recently reported that?Roblox?is dominating the mobile gaming market, raking in an estimated daily revenue of about $3 million. This staggeringly high amount of earnings?is more than?one quarter of the total daily revenue of the mobile gaming industry, which makes an estimated $11 million per day.?Roblox’s daily revenue is also more than the combined total of?Pok└mon GO?and?Candy Crush Saga, which take in a daily average of $1.2 million and $1.4 million respectively.

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The breathtakingly high value of?Roblox?also extends to some in-game items which players are willing to pay thousands of dollars to obtain. A recent collaboration with?Roblox?and luxury fashion house?Gucci resulted in the addition of an in-game cosmetic item called the?Dionysus Gucci Bag with Bee. This digital handbag was sold for only one hour on May 17, and players who wished to obtain the item began paying scalpers thousands of real-world dollars for the accessory.


Although largely ignored upon release,?Roblox?has risen to become one of the most financially successful games on the market. With a revenue stream of $3 million per day, the game’s massive financial value becomes easily recognizable. Players all around the world now use the game creation platform, and the stream of profit shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Roblox?is available on Xbox One, iOS, Android and PC.?Pok└mon GO?and?Candy Crush Saga?are available on iOS and Android.

Source: Finbold


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