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  Resident Evil Village is filled with tiny clues that give players early hints for late-game twists, but unless they go looking some may remain hidden.

  By Christopher J. Teuton

  Published Jun 02, 2021


  Ethan Winters Resident Evil Village Hand

  The ending of?Resident Evil Village?is loud and often surprising, but Capcom had been planting the seeds of the game’s big twist since?Resident Evil 7. From showing how Ethan Winters survives a plethora of seemingly-fatal injuries to placing him in situations he couldn’t possibly escape unscathed from, the eventual reveal of the reason why at the end of?Resident Evil Village?puts the events of the last two games into question – and has curious implications for a future?Resident Evil?sequel.

  [WARNING: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village below]

  In both?Resident Evil 7: Biohazard?and?Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters takes a lot of abuse. He gets stabbed, shot, hooked, sliced, and – near the end of?Resident Evil Village – literally has his heart ripped from his chest. Still, he is able to survive all of these attacks and continue on his journey to reunite with Mia and his daughter Rose, and it is because of his time at the Baker house in?Resident Evil 7.

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  Ethan Winters Resident Evil Village Hand

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  Ethan was killed by Jack Baker at the beginning of?Resident Evil 7, but thanks to the Mold infestation at the Baker residence he was able to come back to life and fight against them. In?Resident Evil Village?it is shown that the Mold (and its connection to the Cadou parasite) can give normal humans extraordinary abilities, but it can also mutate and transform them into horrific monsters as well. The Four Lords of?Resident Evil 8?have all been changed by the Cadou in different ways, and so has Ethan Winters.

  Resident Evil Village Ethan Mold Hand

  In one of the many memorable?Resident Evil Village?scenes that take place in Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan?attempts to escape from the dungeon by opening a gate only to have his hand entirely sliced off by Lady Dimitrescu. Players must run around the dungeon and divert her attention away from the door before circling back, grabbing their detached body part with their good hand, and pushing the door level open.


  Fleeing from Resident Evil Village’s?most iconic villain while slowly bleeding out from a gaping hole in their arm may not be where most players stop to check their inventory screen, but if they do they will find that Ethan’s severed hand is actually an item that can be examined. Doing so, and rotating it to its most disgusting angle (pictured above), can let players?see for themselves what?Resident Evil Village?won’t come out and say for another six hours or so – Ethan has a mold infection. It’s subtle, but there are clearly tinges of yellow and green in his wound, something that wouldn’t be there on a fresh injury unless it was already inside his body to start with.


  Of course, the next scene – where Ethan pours a little bit of?Resident Evil Village’s?magical first aid liquid on his bloody stump and then squeezes his hand back onto his body – should be another clear indication that something isn’t quite right with the game’s protagonist. After spending so much time both in the Baker house in?RE7 and in the swamps and caves surrounding Moreau’s Clinic in Resident Evil Village, it would honestly be surprising?if mold was the only infection in Ethan Winters’ rapidly decaying body.

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