[pictures of tyreek hill]Highlights from Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill’s charity basketball game

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  Tyreek Hill .. a 3 and a back flip. @cheetah showing off the athleticism. #Chiefs pic.twitter.com/rkEYFHb1Fr

  — Harold R. Kuntz (@HaroldRKuntz3) June 26, 2021

  Tyrann Mathieu, Chris Jones, Anthony Hitchens, Marcus Kemp, Gehrig Dieter, Khalen Saunders among those to support Tyreek Hill at his charity basketball game tonight in KC. pic.twitter.com/CanSVhntqG

  — Sam McDowell (@SamMcDowell11) June 26, 2021

  WATCH: #Chiefs Tyreek Hill hits a three then backflips at his 2nd annual celebrity game tonight in Kansas City. pic.twitter.com/ptWAlDfHwH

  — Aaron Ladd (@aaronladd0) June 26, 2021