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﹛﹛One of the most famous mods for Fallout 2 has become much more accessible. Olympus 2207, a full conversion mod and the first game in a planned trilogy, has received an English patch that lets players play it outside of its native Russian language. This game mod features new graphics, extra gameplay features, and a new story in a brand new world not connected to Fallout 2 or the other games in the series.

﹛﹛Set in the distant future of 2207, Olympus 2207 takes place centuries after a great war in 2013 leaves the Silicon Valley area in ruins. Most of the people live in makeshift communities, while others turn to banditry, and the rich hide in their Livos vaults. However, the ultimate dream of anyone living in the Radius is to get into the Olympus skyscraper, which gleams in the sun like a solar panel-lined beacon, attracting survivors hoping to gain entry. However, the gates to it remain closed and are guarded by Defenders, which will gladly shoot at anyone trying to find salvation.


﹛﹛Originally released on December 26, 2014, the game doesn’t have any sort of Main Quest, unlike the original Fallout 2, instead opting to let players chose what goals they want to accomplish in the game. The game also features a major rebalance of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat system, such as rebalancing how characteristics and skills affect gameplay, and giving players the ability to improve their skills by using them, like in the Elder Scrolls. The game also adds a hacking mini-game for electronic control panels, which players can use if their character is bad at hacking or simply want the extra experience. The most recent patch for the game, version 1.2, was released on June 5, 2021.

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﹛﹛You can find the official website for the Olympus 2207 mod here, which works with Fallout 2 on Steam or GOG. There is already a sequel in the works called Olympus 2249, which is a separate title from 2207, so you don’t need to play the first game.