[sexy games to play on facetime]My 7 favorite features in macOS Monterey

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  Web browsers are not sexy, and Safari is no exception. And yet, without browsers, we’d be cut off from the world. With macOS Big Sur, Apple made numerous changes to the native Safari app, including adding a start page and improved performance. Additional changes have now been made with macOS Monterey, which starts with the new tab bar design.

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  Created to take up less space, the new tab bar takes on the color of the website you’re browsing and also extends each page to the edge of the Safari window. There are also floating tabs that have been combined with a Smart Search field. Together they give you access to additional Safari features with a click of a tab.

  With tab groups, you can save and organize tabs in a customized way. Add names to the tab groups, edit them, and switch back and forth with ease. Best of all, changes made with your tab groups extend to other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

  Apple decided this was the year to make big changes to FaceTime. Among these on macOS is the introduction of spatial audio and mike mode, plus a grid view and portrait mode. The biggest charge: You can now invite Windows and Android friends to a FaceTIme session. And like on every Apple device, the session is encrypted and secure.

  In macOS Monterey, AirPlay has finally come to Mac. You can share, play, and present content from another Apple device to your computer with it. You can also mirror or extend your display as needed. Your Mac can also (finally) act as an AirPlay speaker.