Clan History:

Once upon a time lived an old, wise, Quake 2 player by the name of Moe. Although he was a HPB, he battled endlessly in the realm of servers. Much to his surprise, he discovered that many players had a strange series of letters before or after their names, often enclosed in odd looking [brackets]. After a bit of detective work, Moe realized that these odd characters represented a "clan." In his typical state of confusion, he decided that he would form a fake clan, [4u2], to better mock all the real clans out there.

And so [4u2] Moe continued on in his adventures. He later asked his odd looking blue-haired friend Soul if he would like to be a member of this fake clan. Soul, being the conformist that he is, decided to join, figuring that he could do worse. He was right, Soul can always do worse.

4u2] Moe and [4u2] Soul waged on, both thinking that 2 would be the biggest their clan would become. But they later met a completely weird and strangely named individual Blind Squirrel. New to Quake, Blind Squirrel toiled rather unsuccessfully, picking up few frags. Wishing to have fun, he decided to use nothing but handgrenades. For some reason, Soul decided to ask Blind Squirrel to join. Moe was reluctant, as he should have been, but Blind Squirrel joined anyway, shortening his name to [4u2]Squirrel.

So now there were 3. It remained that way for some time, till Soul and Squirrel met some new candidates. Unfortunately, while explaining the requirements of entry into [4u2], confusion struck. Some of the new members broke the one code most important to [4u2]: Have fun. These new members became hostile with each other, leaving the original 3 in a heightened state of confusion, much greater than normal. For the first time, [4u2] had to make a cut. The only worthy player who understood the concept behind [4u2] was Slade. This knowledge, and the fact that he was an old guy like Moe, kept Slade in the good graces of the clan.

After much fallout from the exit of those members, [4u2] was hesitant to seek any new members. But then came 2 strange men, who were good friends with the equally odd Soul. One, named Uziel, explored the worlds of Quake 3 as well. Having a strange way of spelling things, he fit right in. He was the first member to offer his services to create a web page for [4u2]. His trash talking buddy, Blaster, was as strange as Squirrel in every possible way. Using his blaster like no other, he was appropriately named. Both joined with no hesitation, and are famous for their goofy binds.

Then came Hammerhead, the only member to be drafted by [4u2]. Being a friend of Slade's, Hammerhead lived up to his name by being reluctant to join, even though he was welcomed by all. By constant pressure, Hammer finally caved in and accepted his call to service.

Then came Greenman[WD-40]. Certainly [4u2] liked Greenie, as he was the only member of his own fake clan, so [4u2] bought him out. Although he doesn't appear as often as the others, Greenman holds his own in battle. He also has been know to say some strange things from time to time.

After a short time of rest, [4u2] exploded in growth, gaining 4 new members. ShadeFX, a good friend of Slade and Hammer, did the wise thing by joining. Estep thought he, too, would like to be a member, and, hey, the more the merrier. Moe, then recommended Acid Rain, and the clan welcomed number 12 to the group.

In this mess, somewhere there fits Pythonn, Moe's neighbor. He rarely plays quake, since he spends most of his time drinking beer at Moe's, and no one can blame a guy for drinking beer.

The clan then met a strange man from Colorado. In a moment of weakness most likely caused by altitude sickness, he decided to join the clan. Upon joining, he decided to go by the name Lightning. He later changed his name to Colorado (definitely altitude sickness). [4u2] was gaining popularity nationwide, and soon the small Midwestern organization gained two additional members, Hugo, from the West coast, and Foopooh from the East coast. Both Hugo and Foopooh sought the clan's wisdom, but they have yet to find any. Regardless, the nation is now surrounded, so [4u2] began its assault on the world.

With the United States firmly in its grasp, [4u2] began its world take-over by aquiring the Canadian "slippery" Sid Dithers, a player who has a knack for railing many a jumping fool out of the air. Shortly after, Digital joined the mix, a great addition due to his computer knowledge, as many members need 24 hour tech support.

[4u2] again reached new levels of loonacy by signing Phantom. Dodging bullets is second nature to him, as he is from New York. Following close behind was Corpus, a refugee from a recently disbanded clan. Seeking a clan with stability, Corpus checked his sanity at the door, and went with [4u2].

Later, the old, old, old, but wise founder recommended a player known as MastaKilla. As with most of Moe's advice, the clan just pretended to understand. So Masta became a member, helping protect [4u2]'s Northern front.

After a long period of mental inactivity, [4u2] extended the invitation to two players, Geikram (Greek for meanie) and SuperDave (English for Super Dave). For some reason, both liked to hang around the clan messageboard and server, so 4u2 had no choice but to force them into the clan. Fearing what would happen if they refused, both joined without hesitation.

What seemed like months later, another player invaded [4u2]'s air space. This time, the perpetrator's name was Cannonball. With such a strange name, confusion was imminent. Even after playing several times on Foo's private server, Cannonball never seemed to mind the insanity. After learning of our plans for world domination, Cannonball checked himself into the [4u2] nuthouse.

As the activity on Foo's server increased, new riffraff began to creep in. An oddly named player, Kamikazi, started fragging with 4u2. Despite playing with total asses, Kamikazi never left. Because of this nagging persistence, 4u2 had no choice but to absorb him into the New World Order. With no legal council to advise him otherwise, Kamikazi joined.

Meanwhile, 4u2 had yet another peculiar visitor lurking in the shadows. Bigwig, who in the beginning was a member of the friendly clan oBS, often made comments on the clan's messageboad. Even after being sensored several times by Foo for racy pictures, Bigwig stuck around. Though his availability to frag is limited, Bigwig never made himself scarce, and made good use of the messageboard during the hours that normal people work.